1l 14 dicembre ed altro: internet-rights-charter

ciao a tutti,

mentre sono in corso gli ultimi preparativi per l'incontro del 14.
dicembre - ore 18 presso la sala civica . casa altmann . piazza gries - bz
intorno al tema "ecosistema software libero" ( fate passa-parola
specialmente verso insegnanti !! )

ho trovato questa notizia:

APC updates groundbreaking charter
“The internet can only be a tool to empower the peoples of the world if
a number of crucial rights* are recognised, protected and respected,”
states Association for Progressive Communications (APC) in a new charter
for internet rights. APC's charter was first developed by APC members
and partner organisations at “internet rights” workshops held in Europe,
Asia, Latin America and Africa in 2001-2002. APC's new charter revised
in November 2006 includes a section on internet governance -the focus of
recent UN summits- and our position that the internet is a global public
good. An essential reference for anyone concerned about the freedom of
the internet and 'internet access for all' nationally and
internationally. Spanish and French charters will be available by the
end of November 2006.
Theme 1 Internet access for all
Theme 2 Freedom of expression and association
Theme 3 Access to knowledge
Theme 4 Shared learning and creation (free and open source software and
technology development)
Theme 5 Privacy, surveillance and encryption
Theme 6 Governance of the internet
Theme 7 Awareness, protection and realisation of rights"(*)

Solo inglese, appunto :frowning:
Cercansi volontari interessati a collaborare per un testo italiano ( e
forse serve anche tedesco ).



il testo completo:

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