AW: Raspberry Pi - Case trasparente

Inoltro la risposta di Walter, che non è iscritto in lista. Ma dovrebbe
farlo :wink:

Hi Patrick, Hi LugBZ,

yes, I made a lasercut raspberry case for Shaun, out of bluish frosted acrylic glass. I did not photograph it, though.
But I do have a picture of my "black raspberry" box, based on the same cut patterns but made of coated acrylics:

The pattern was made by Adafruit und published under CC 2.5. Adafruit Pi Box - Enclosure for Raspberry Pi® Computers by adafruit - Thingiverse
I modified it to match our acrylic's sheet thickness.

Side note: Our laser cutter can be used by everyone. Just drop by ... and contact me first please. walter.weissensteiner(a)

Ottimo, grazie Walter e grazie Patrick per l'intermediazione.

Ci faremo sentire per approfittare della proposta della laser cutter.

Frohe Oster,

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