CQRS, your next application architecture?

What: We present Command Query Responsibility Segregation. A web
architecture with many advantages.

Hannes Stockner, Softwarearchitect. He implements CQRS at JoinSAM, London
Roland Kofler, Softwarearchitect. He implements CQRS at TIS innovation
Park, Bozen

plan better, be eventdriven, scale horizontally , be contextoriented,
work easier in teams, forget OR-mappers, know your customer, replay
application for debugging, unittest without dependencies, scale your
read-access. love domain driven design.

1. add your EMAIL to: http://www.lugbz.org/activities/workshops/WorkshopCQRS
2. you get notified when the workshop starts.

1. it's free
2. it takes 2 sessions of 3 hours
3. we inform you soon about venue and date

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