[FD] New BlackArch Linux ISOs (2016.04.28) and Installer released

You are right, I didn't consider that public administration is more than
just the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.

Therefore it depends on the systems you want to do a penetration test
against. The tester should request that the organization responsible for
the systems signs a kind of waiver.


Thank you for remaining civil in you answers Patrick, if only everyone
could be like that in a community, the experience would be a lot more
positive. I would also like to thank you for all your years of service
to the Linux User Group of Bolzano and all the time and effort you have
put into promoting Free Software in South Tyrol. I think it is greatly
appreciated by many here.

I would like to remind members to be respectful to one another, this
here is a list and a community that a few of us are maintaining in the
very limited free time we have and to have it ruined by a few, is
unfortunate and disrespectful to those who are actively working to
create a positive experience for the FOSS community in South Tyrol.

Nobody is forced to be a part of the community, those who don't like are
free to leave at any time.

Kind Regards,