[FFII: Brussels 2004-04-14 Events, Net Strike]

Dear supporter of FFII,

On the 14th of April we launch a campaign(1) in Brussels, by which
we want to support the European Parliament's decision to restate the
non-patentability of software and oppose attempts by the European
Commission and national patent officials in the EU Council (under
Irish presidency) to sidestep this decision.

We beg you to help us by responding to this mail and sending the
following mini form (the square brackets must be maintained):

I do not want to receive further requests from FFII.
    Please delete me from the list of supporters!
I participate in the demonstration(2) in Brussels.
I participate in the patent conference(3) in the European Parliament.
I participate in the FFII General Assembly(4) in Brussels.
I participate in the EU Linux meeting in the Parlament(5).
I could, by giving a talk, contribute special experience/expertise

(Tick with '+' for 'Yes', '-' for 'No', nothing for 'unchanged' )

Travel Plan:

The trip to Brussels should take place on April 13 or 14, the trip
back on 14, 15 or 16th.

To Brussels:

I could take [_] person(s) with me in the car to Brussels.
I need car/bus seats for [_] person(s) to Brussels.
Departure: [2004-04-13 night] from [mycity, mycountry]
Arrival: [2004-04-14 morning] in Brussels

From Brussels:

I could take [_] person(s) with me in the car from Brussels.
I need car/bus seats for [_] person(s) from Brussels.
Departure: [2004-04-15 night] from Brussels
Arrival: [2004-04-16 morning] in [mycity, mycountry]

(The underscores '_' represent numerals.)

Sharing of travel costs:
Both seekers and offerers can specify their expectations here.

Travel cost share per person: EUR [__]
(for one way only, doubled if two way)

Reserving accomodation(6) during the specified time in Brussels:

[_] I bring a sleeping bag, just need a "roof",
     free of charge as long as supply lasts
[_] private or in Youth Hostels (room with several beds,
     free of charge as long as supply lasts)
[_] bed(s) in Hotel Van Belle
     in double rooms for EUR 32.50 per night per person
[_] double rooms in Hotel Van Belle
     for EUR 65 per night
[_] bed(s) in Hotel Dragon
     in double rooms for EUR 34 per night
[_] double room(s) in Hotel Dragon
     for EUR 68 per night
I offer [_] rooms for EUR [__] per night in or near Brussels.
I offer [_] beds for EUR [__] per night in or near Brussels.

Independent of Brussels:

I have read the instructions for campaign helpers(7).
I herewith sign the Call for Action II(8).
I want to be publicly listed as a signatory.
I will contact my MEPs in the sense of (9).
I want to participate in national activities in May.
I will donate [____] EUR for the campaign(10).

I will participate in the net strike(11).

The following web pages are hidden from [2004-04-07] to [2004-04-16]
(one URL per line, please do not insert line breaks):

[+] hidden: [http://]
[+] hidden: [http://]

URL(s) of strike page(s) behind which the above page(s) are hidden:

[+] Demo-URL: [http://]
[+] Demo-URL: [http://]

You do not need to reply to all questions at once. You can
send multiple replies, each of which covers only one section.
Later replies modify earlier ones. It is however crucial that you
always reply directly to the original mail that you received from us.

You can also specify your mode of participation and sign petitions
etc via the participation system(12).

Kind regards,

Your FFII team <buero(a)ffii.org>

(1) http://plone.ffii.org/events/2004/bxl04/
(2) http://plone.ffii.org/events/2004/bxl04/manif/
(3) http://plone.ffii.org/events/2004/bxl04/prep/
(4) http://plone.ffii.org/events/2004/bxl04/ffii/
(5) http://plone.ffii.org/events/2004/bxl04/floss/
(6) http://wiki.ael.be/index.php/Demo14and15aprilAccommodation
(7) http://swpat.ffii.org/group/todo/
(8) http://swpat.ffii.org/papers/europarl0309/demands/
(9) http://plone.ffii.org/events/2004/bxl04/mepltr/
(10) https://www.ffii.org/assoc/financ/
(11) http://swpat.ffii.org/group/demo/
(12) https://www.ffii.org/ffii-cgi/eintrag