Internet Exchange Messaging Server for Linux

Internet Exchange Messaging Server for Linux

We strongly believe that your esteemed organization endeavors to offer the best solution to your valuable clients. We think that our product could add a lot of value to your products and services. It could also greatly improve your clients' total-cost-of-ownership, TCO. We wish to seek for an opportunity to co-operate with your esteemed organization to offer superior messaging solution to your valuable clients.

International Messaging Associates (IMA) is a software company with state-of-the-art technology and industrial strength messaging server. IMA has the best internet exchange gateway solution for CC:mail and Lotus Notes in the world. Internet Exchange gateway products are in use by much of the Fortune 500 and government organizations worldwide. Kindly refer to for detail..

IMA developed full-feature messaging exchange server, IEMS5, based on the core technology of the gateway. IEMS is the only product which is interoperable on both Linux and Windows in the world now.

IEMS is indisputable the best commercial messaging exchange server for Linux. Internet Exchange Messaging Server (IEMS 5) is the first full-featured messaging server supporting all major Linux Distributions in the world -- Redhat Linux, Suse Linux, Mandrake, Caldera OpenLinux, TurboLinux and VALinux.

IEMS5 is also operable on Windows 2000/NT. It is surely a very competitive and viable alternative to Microsoft Exchange. It excels Microsoft Exchange in some areas -- such as anti-virus, anti-spam, distribution list and so forth.

We welcome you to download the product from for evaluation.

IEMS 5 is a robust, stand-alone full-featured messaging solution. The main features are as follows:
-- Linux / Windows interoperability - for maximum OS flexibility
-- Message Store - capacity for volume mailboxes
-- Disk Quota Management - for effective disk usage
-- Anti-spam and anti-virus engines - for secure transactions
-- Distribution List Manager - for easier mail distribution
-- Web-based Mail Client - for easy access anywhere
-- Runs in a distributed environment - for optimum scalability
-- POP3, IMAP 4 servers - works with Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape, Pegasus, etc.
-- Simple web administration
-- Highly Scalable Architecture

Our strengths are:
-- Industrial strength solution
-- Feature rich
-- Competitive pricing
-- Low cost of ownership
-- Cross platform support
-- Distributed operation
-- 24 x 7 toll free Technical Support Center

Looking forward to hear from you very soon!

PS. we shall be joining the Linux World Expo in San Francisco, California from August 28-30, 2001 at the Moscone Convention Center. Our booth shall be located inside the Mandrakesoft Pavilion who is one of our Linux partners, among other Linux distributions that we are accredited with. If by chance you could go there, you can look for me at the show.

Thanks and regards,

Louis Gosamkee
Sales Engineer
Internet Messaging Associates
Tel: 852-2520-0300 ext 614
Fax: 852-2648-5913

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Ok I hate spamming :wink:

Ma devo anche dire che questa mail contiene informazioni interessanti.
Penso che chi vuole installare un server linux in una ditta spesso viene
confrontato colla domanda:
Ma posso continuare ad usare il mio Outlook?

Ed il prodotto menzionato sembra voler essere un alternativo al exchange

Un altro prodotto interessante mi sembra essere OpenMail della HP:

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