Internet of Things & OSS Workshop

Hi all.

There will be an interesting workshop in Trento next week!

" We will have 3 great guest speakers from Canonical
<; (Ubuntu), the Eclipse
<; Foundation <; to
talk about and show you how to build cool IoT stuff. Learn how to use
Ubuntu Core on a RaspberryPi and download Snappy IoT apps instantly,
manage IoT and Home Automation devices easily and deploy and manage your
device's software remotely"

Full details can be found here:

Anyone else planning on going?

Kind Regards,

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Yes, it's appealing, I'll be interested. How would you travel?
For Bolzano-Trento-Bolzano I could get a CarSharing; the meeting is at UniTN/Povo, outside town.


My plan was going by train and taking the bus. If we could organize car
sharing it might be interesting for other people as well.

Kind Regards,

What is your schedule to go back home?

Workshop is from 17:30 till 17:30 in Povo.

I could book a car from 16:15 at BZ Station, starting about 16:30 from
TIS, till evening. It depends from time you must be in Bolzano (or
Trento station) to go back home. Overall cost will be 35 - 45 euro + 12
for highway. For 2 person will cost a bit more of train + bus solution.
Car will have 5 places, but I did not hear from anybody else.

Let me know soon, I will book the car.

diego (347 9868922)

caspita non c'e' piu' tempo per iscriversi? oggi non ho fatto a tempo e ora
il sito eventbrite mi da' ticket-sales-ended.
qualche possibilita' di "rientrare dalla finestra" ?

in caso andrei in macchina e avrei posti liberi.


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Per iscriversi conviene telefonare a Tn. A che ora e da dove parti?

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Hi Stefano!

I contacted the organizer and it's no problem if you come :slight_smile:

(eventbrite was mainly used to track the number of people attending)

Kind regards,

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allora perfecttt thanks Shaun!

io parto da Bolzano, calcolando su un'oretta di viaggio direi entro le

se qualcuno ha bisogno di un passaggio mi faccia sapere.


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Per le 16:30 ci sono anch'io, facciamo ritrovo al Tis?
347 9868923

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perfettissimo, mi segno il tuo numero, appena parto in direzione TIS ti


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Foto e appunti dell'evento a Trento sono pubblicate nel mio profilo Google
Plus, ecco i link :

POST : Google Workspace Updates: New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents

Bella esperienza e ottima chiacchierata e compagnia con Shaun e Diego.

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Superjob Stefano, thanks!

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