Last call for 30C3

Cari soci!

Chaos Communication Congress will be held at Hamburg the 27th to 30th

Until now there are 3 people willing to go:

Daniele Gobbetti
Helmut Gasser
Roland Kofler

What to do:

1. Please reply until Monday 2th evening if you want to join.
2. Please Helmut and Daniele confirm your attendance (I want only go if we are at least 3 persons).

The conference ticket costs 80 EUR (60 for CCC Members like me
I suggest that buy the tickets at our next meeting, 3th December

*Expect >700 EUR of total expensenes*
4 nights in a 80 EUR hotel cost 320 EUR
Commuting to Hamburg and back ca. 200 EUR
Plus eating, drinking amounts to 700 EUR the least

Do you want to join?

attachment.htm (3.28 KB)


Ciao Roland, ciao Lista.

I'll be already around there (well, almost since I'll be in L├╝beck) so
don't consider me for the trip.
Further I'll attend the conference at most one day, but I don't know
exactly which one.
If there's the need to preorder I have to arrange the trip more
exactly. I'll try to have all the info before our next meeting (December