Life could be so easy without MS

>>> Getting this server off the blacklist was a matter of a one step
>>> procedure which was resolved within a day.
>> well then, sharing a link How To Do would be helpful, not?
>> or do you mean, now I have to register on and/or make a Return
>> Path certification?
> Second google hit:
Michele? Do you really think I don't know how to google and that I get
the same results from google as you?
I rarely use google, but or

You asked a question, I answered how I solved it when it happened to me.
Feel free to use it or feel free to ignore it.

sorry, can't resist to bash on the Linux community, that nobody shouts,
that Linux isn"t running under windows, but just the gnu userland
utilities (but most Linux users probably don't know the difference
between a kernel and a operating system :wink: )

-ENOPARSE here sorry.