Meeting with politicians/government

Dear all,

yesterday I spoke with Paolo Dongilli about the need to confront local
politicians/government in order to talk about what we think could be
both a force for innovation and occupation: yes, FOSS of course.

We need to understand if they are behind this idea. If yes,
politicians should create a *scope, in which local initiatives can
flourish*. We'd like to assist them.

So, Paolo and me we propose to arrange a meeting during the
forthcoming holiday season to meet anybody willing to discuss things,
board and non-board members. The meeting with the politicians should
occur asap... we thought about February. Urgency is given by most
unhappy decisions we know of and otherwise idleness.

We'd meet "conclave" style, i.e. maybe for an entire morning and
decide how to proceed.

What do you think of? Are you with us on this?


Hi Pasquale,