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Egregi tutti/e, geschätzte alle, dear all.

Having collected a fairly high amount of email or response requests on our company mailing address, such as this email I am replying to, courtesy requires me to reply this single time.

Be all assured that I do follow with interest the discussion about the resolution 388<tel:388> and its implications for the Lugbz community, and I wish to remember that, as you read in the post by Iellici Alfred (Fri Apr 15 16<tel:1516>:35<tel:35>:43<tel:43> CEST 2016<tel:2016>), I did offer and still offer an "in persona" meeting so you can freely ask every question regarding the resolution 388<tel:388>, the reasoning and evaluation behind it, and its implications for all persons involved.

As I have also asked, management personnel of SIAG, and official personnel of Dept. 9 of the Autonomous Province of South Tyrol as the institutional representation would also be present at this meeting, so It will be fairly easy to ask every question to the right person. This setting is fairly important since it is probably true that many (but not all) of the questions and allegations coming up in this group can be answered by me, but others need to be addressed by other persons in charge.

You will for example notice that there are, at the very least, technical questions, legal questions, socio-economic questions and also political questions to be addressed. This meeting offer would also be the perfect setting to clarify both the scope of the "alpin" study and all allegations being made around alpin&#39<tel:39>;s business volume in the open source vs. closed source market, so that I hereby happily and seriously renew my offer for this meeting.

For any question being posted outside of the proposed meeting, and which you will understand do fall into our consulting contract, I do have to ask you to send them directly to Dr. Kurt Pöhl (Dept. 9) or Mr. Stefan Gasslitter (SIAG) and not to my person or our company.

Would be cool to meet everyone.
Over and out.


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