Online training about Linux commands - 8th training session Saturday, Jan. 29th, 18:00-19:00

Dear all,

don't forget the 8th training session about Linux commands by Dashamir Hoxha today @18:00!

Saturday, 29 January, 6:00 PM » 7:00 PM


First, we will finish the topics that we couldn't do last time:

paste -- Merge lines of files
join -- Join lines of two files on a common field
comm -- Compare two sorted files line by line
diff -- Compare files line by line
patch -- Apply a diff file to an original
tr -- Translate or delete characters
sed -- Stream editor for filtering and transforming text
aspell -- Interactive spell checker

Then we will continue with the new topics:

Archiving (gzip, bzip2, tar, zip, rsync)
Networking (ping, traceroute, ip, netstat, wget, curl, ssh, scp, sftp)
Filesystems (mount, umount, fdisk, mkfs, dd)
Package Management (apt)