Praise Microsoft!!!!!!

I've installed on my son's pc (which is good in music but a bare user
otherwise) Mint 17.04.3 (base on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) with Mate flavor . He
was used to Ubuntu 10, now is quite happy and productive.
Mint-Mate is an Ubuntu quite polished, with a better updated deb repo.


For the love of god, do not install Mint if you care even remotely about

- They do not issue CVE have no idea if you're affected
  or not by a security vulnerability
- They used to run their wordpress on the same box that served the
  downloads and got their ISOs hacked with a backdoor
- They mix their own packages with debian/ubuntu ones without rebuilding
  them. So updates are unpredictable and they have to resort to
  the blacklisting of certain packages

Seriously, just use Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora or any distro that at least
tries to care a little about security.

Not to mention that if something goes wrong, you are on your own...

Tnks for the advise; it's a pity, because Mate is nice and clean as a GUI.

I agree,
then use Ubuntu Mate!