SOP, CORS and open data portal Trento

Hi all,

Since I promised myself I'd just ignore your rants, I'll top post so
that I can deny I actually wrote this reply later on.

I am violating my promise to just let your emails flow in my inbox as if
they were from some namibian prince, because I would like to explain you
in all honesty why I (and I believe quite some people in this list)
avoid interacting with you.

Please follow my reconstruction of the thread:


having some free time, I thought coding a visualization about the
budget of
the autonomouse province of Trento.
I'd prefer to code it for Southtyrol, but alas, those data are
online nor does the minister of finance give them out.

Till now SOP, same origin policy, I encountered only theoretically,
but now,
trying to fetch data directly from source, does not work. Loosing
some hours
trying to circumvent SOP restrictions, I failed, but learned new
Of course, one solution is to download the data files onto my server
serve it from there.

Someone who optimistically think you are actually wiling to interact
with the rest of the world, and that is kind enough to help you, reads
your message and thinks:

`Hey! This guy lost "some hours" on a problem I know how to solve (or
workaround), he'll surely like my help`

And proceeds to reply

For private/testing purposes: just use one of the many CORS-proxies
out there (e.g.,, or set up one locally for
yourself. :slight_smile:

So *I* would like to thank Martin for taking the time to reply and share
his knowledge. I appreciated it!

But no, you are not interested in sharing ideas, you cannot just say
thank you, no... You reply like this:

Proxying is a solution too, I did not try, because I'd be an idiot
spending more time evading SOP, if I can just download the csv data
files from the open data portal and put it on my server, so ...

So you basically say that you don't care about this enough to try (but
hey, you knew about it already because you>>rest_of_the_world) but
despite this you just dismiss it as "it could work"... then

Last thing yesterday spending time was trying the method using
postMessage between iframes, but none does work on most common

How come you spent time on a different workaround that in the end
doesn't work, you KNEW the solution that was suggested already...

You know what someone that was trying to help you read in such an
exchange? I'll tell you what I would read if I was involved:

`So basically my proposal isn't worth his time, he claims he knows
everything but he wasted "some hours" on suboptimal approaches, but...
HEY, everything to not admit I gave a solution to his problem... I'll
never ever interact with him again.`

Then your closing sentences:

Thank you for the interesting links.
I am curious, for what you needed CORS-proxies.

Are perceived just like:

`yeah for sure I'll tell him, so that he can make jokes about how stupid
my use case is and how better any approach of him is`

You know, if you read this far I am pretty sure this mail pissed you off
enough that you are *not* willing to follow up, and this is exactly how
quite some people feel and they end up avoiding this mailing list. And I
say that because I talk with people offline and I know many that just
stopped posting/answering because of *your* attitude.

Please try to put yourself in other people shoes when you interact with
them, especially when they are helping you, for crying out loud!

With best regards, (doesn't this sound sarcastic, after all this mail?
Trust me, it isn't. I am really trying to help.)