Treffen Winter 2014 / 2015

Hallo Liste,

dadurch das der Winter naeher rueckt, sollten wir uns wieder entscheiden
wo wir uns regelmaessig treffen sollten.
Was ist mit Gambrinus?

Kommt heute jemand zum Treffen?

Ich bin heute leider schon in Sterzing.


1st Wed of the month I usually am allready busy, sorry for yesterday.

Shall we give one more try to new "opensource" place Zappa - Via Renon?


Hi all!
Shall we keep meetings in Brixen occasionally or establish a rule such as
every two moths or smthg like that?


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Hi Pasquale,

I think every two months or so is a good idea for Brixen, let's add some
regularity to meetings there. :slight_smile:

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Hi Shaun and Pasquale, and list,

for me as well, meetings in Brixen are a great thing as I'm interested
but living in Bruneck!


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