If you'd like to purchase my stuff (https://pasteboard.co/IAwQWJk.jpg) I will give it to you for 20 Euro.

The setup is currently working on my Pi.

I also own a portable battery pack with an embedded speaker. I used it to both power up the Pi and get sound output. If you want keyboard+screen I'll throw in the battery/speaker for free.



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On Oct 5, 2019, 07:53, andrea antonello < andrea.antonello@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi everyone, 
I am looking for a mini screen + keyboard combo to use with a raspberry to make small configurations when the device is embedded in other hardware. I tried to search a bit but I only find beautiful DIY projects. 

Does anyone know of a nice small small device that has screen and keyboard and can be attached to a raspberry? I would have access to the monitor connector and an USB port. 

Thanks for any insight.