From Zero to Hero: Discourse

Getting started with Discourse

We have been using our new forum - Discourse - for a few hours now. At first glance, however, the software is rather confusing. To give you a better overview, we from the SysTeam are organizing a small workshop at the upcoming LUGperitivo to clarify questions and problems. We will try to explain the functions (categories, chat rooms, groups, etc.).


The next LUGperitivo next Thursday:


Updates and the link to BBB can be found here in this thread.

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I suggest to write always Date, Time and ADDRESS of an Event without to consider same info as obvious.
In the previous communication may you read where will be hel the event?
By, diego

Hi Diego, thanks for your comment. As already written in the message, the event will take place at LUGperitivo. As always, you can find updates on the LUGperitivo on the website at LUGperitivo Linux Talk 2023 - Winter edition - LUGBZ

Carissimi, non ci siamo: se inviate una comunicazione fate prego che sia sempre completa e risponda alle domande:

  • cosa
  • quando
  • dove
    Chi legge non deve trovarsi ad inseguire link etc., non รจ una buona pratica e, a mio vedere, nemmeno rispettosa di chi legge.
    Lo dico come Utente, Socio e membro del Direttivo.


The link to BBB is in this post: Getting started with Discourse

I just found out that Discourse has a nice Event feature, which just had to be enabled :slight_smile:

For sure, we have to learn a lot about Discourse and how to use it properly :slight_smile: