Idea for a category?

Our forum is still relatively young, but many people still like to use it :partying_face:. General was once the public mailing list. Everything was actually written there. With Discourse, we also have the option of creating several categories.

These categories can then be used to discuss specific topics. But which categories would be interesting? Do you have any suggestions? If so, just let us know :grin:


I think that Discourse allows subcategories as well (for example subcategories of General).

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@paolo.dongilli yes, an important topic to create those categories useful to our users !
please make proposals :slight_smile:

I strongly ask for a category “IT-REUSE”
digital waste (hardware) is becoming a big problem ! keeping usable (for some) time hardware for sure does not harm … and gives innovators the chance to further develop recycling techniques…


as allready mentioned yesterday in a Private Message (PM) with Raphael and Anton:

Please use “tags” as Dashamir mentioned, on the last meeting on sunday.
I see no reason for other categories beside:

General (Public Mailinglist)
Members (Members Mailinglist)
Board (Board Mailinglist)

For example you can create a new topic in the category
“General” with the tag “schoolswap” or your can create a new topic in
“Members” with the tag “schoolswap” or you can create a new topic in
“Board” with the tag “schoolswap”.

Each category has its own subscribed members.

Already “” seems to much for me.

hi @andreas.christanell

let’s talk about it.
i agree that we should use tags !
that does not mean that the possibilities of a category-tree must be ignored.
maybe tags and category-trees fit well together :sunny:

next week we’ll have the possibility to listen in BBB to the advices of Daniele Scasciafratte, who is managing Discourse for the Italian Linux Society… ( thanks @paolo.dongilli for organizing it! )