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Ciao Tutti! :slight_smile:

[ITALIANO] Benvenuto nella mailing list del LUGBZ. Ti chiediamo di
mandare una piccola e-mail di presentazione alla lista e di rispettare
la nostra netiquette
(http://www.lugbz.org/documents/netiquette_ml_lugbz_it.html). Il team
del LUGBZ Ti augura un sacco di divertimanto con GNU/Linux!

My name is Jacob Alexandersson, I met up with Shaun briefly at the
"SFScon 2013" conference the other day. (Nice conferece, by the way!)

I am quite new in the area (and in Italy); I am Swedish - from
Stockholm; but me and my wife have lived in Italy for a little over a
year now. My wife is Italian - from Bolzano.

I am 36 years old and I have worked in the IT-industry for 12-13 years
now; I started out on proprietary UNIX systems (mainly Solaris), but
during the last 6-7 years my focus has shifted more and more towards

I am an opensource evangelist and enthusiast. Areas in which I have
special interest/experience include central management, automation and

In my free time I love to play with things like the Raspberry Pi, *BSD,
Soekris etc... unfortunatly "free time" is becoming less and less

I hope it is ok that I subscribed to your maillist and I hope I can meet
up with you at one of your meetings. Where I work now I am the only
"Linux guy" and I really miss having people to discuss linux-things

Parlo italiano; non perfetto ma almeno un po'. Purtroppo tedesco non
parlo per niente. (ma riesco capire un pochino). Spero che non sia un
problema. :slight_smile:

Vi auguro tutti buona giornata!

Ciao ciao


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Hi Jacob and welcome to the mailing list!

It is always a pleasure to meet interesting people, happy to have you on
the list :slight_smile:

We normally always meet every Tuesday, more info here:


Generally we mail the list on Tuesday, asking who will be meeting up and
so forth. Feel free to drop by anytime :slight_smile:

Another warm welcome to Matteo Rizzini! Hope to meet you too sometime :slight_smile:

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