[MOVIE] Revolution O.S.

Der erste Film über Linux und die Open Source Revolution!!!


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As you are aware, over the past twelve months I have been making a
documentary film about GNU, Linux, Free Software and the Open Source
movement. That film is now almost complete, and it is called

A feature-length documentary (90 minutes), "REVOLUTION OS" was filmed
on location in Silicon Valley and includes interviews with Linus
Torvalds, Richard Stallman, Larry Augustin, Eric Raymond, Bruce
Perens, Brian Behlendorf, Frank Hecker, Rob Malda, Chris DiBona,
Donnie Barnes, Nick Moffitt, and many others.

"REVOLUTION OS" begins with Richard Stallman and MIT and follows the
growth of the movement through the end of 1999. Events and topics
covered include Bill Gates's "Open Letter to Hobbyists," the GNU
Project, the founding of the first Open Source company-- Cygnus
Solutions, the creation of the Linux kernel, the creation of Apache,
the founding of VA Linux Systems and Red Hat Software, the writing of
Eric Raymond's "The Cathedral and The Bazaar," the Netscape Code
Release, the creation of the term Open Source, the U.S. Department of
Justice anti-trust lawsuit against Microsoft, SVLUG's Installfests,
the Windows Refund Day protest march, a performance of the "Free
Software Song" by the GNU/Stallmans, 1999's LinuxWorld, and many other

An epic film about an epic movement, "REVOLUTION OS," has been
produced in the manner of classic Hollywood cinema. I personally shot
the documentary on 35mm film in Cinemascope (the same format as
"Braveheart," "Star Wars," and "The Patriot,"). The sound is mastered
in Dolby Surround. The music is being scored with a orchestra of
professional musicians. My goal is to make a film that will be an
enduring and entertaining document about the movement.

"REVOLUTION OS" will be available for screenings starting late
September. I will be attending LinuxWorld on Tuesday, August 15. If
anyone has any questions or would like to say "hello," feel free to
get in touch with me on my cellphone.


Jason Moore
(310) XXX-XXXX

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