Scrum 4 Developers

Dear Developers,
The agile revolution is here to stay.

Scrum is a agile project management methodology that got tremendous
success in the past decade.
In this "4developers" I will speak about my experience both as (1) a
practicing certified scrum master and as (2) a software architect that
was managed by scrum masters in medium scale projects.

Venue: TIS Innovation Park (Meeting Room to be announced)
Language: German or English

In order to determine the language and the scope,
I dare to ask the potential participants to answer the following questions:

   1. 1.Preferred Language:
         1. Do you understand German?
         2. Do you understand (my) English?

2.Have you already used the following

     * prioritized backlog (y/n)
     * time boxed sprint (y/n)
     * daily stand-up meetings (y/n)
     * burndown charts (y/n)

BR, Roland Kofler

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