Software zur Mitgliederverwaltung


hat jemand Erfahrung mit einer Software zur Mitgliederverwaltung. z.B. Habe mir jVerein angeschaut, aber das ist stark für den Markt
in Deutschland aufgrund der HBCI-Integration beschränkt. Was Civi-CRM
ist habe ich nicht ganz verstanden.


Cici-CRM ist eine sehr gute Software - sie wird in Deutschland z.b. von
DigitalCourage verwendet ...

Allerdings baut es auf Drupal oder WordPress auf...

Das waere ein echt guter Job fuer Dashamir, denke ich :slight_smile:


PS: andreas, ich schlage vor, wir vertiefen das in



I have some experience with Drupal7, but I never moved to the later
versions of Drupal. To work with the latest version of Drupal would be like
starting from scratch. This is not a reason for not giving it a try, but
maybe there are other options that we may try first. CiviCRM seems to be
good for collecting membership fees, donations, etc. but I think that an
important aspect of an organization is communication and discussions. So, I
would suggest that we first give a try to Discourse (

I already have some experience with installing and maintaining it. It is
also possible to import the archives of an existing mailing list, in order
to bootstrap the discussions. But of course it has much more features than
a mailing list. There are also lots of plugins available.

But let's continue the discussion on the other mailing list.


attachment.html (2.3 KB)

zum ausprobieren - demo

please ignore - testmail only

Admidio ist definitiv der Weg den wir gehen sollten!
Bitte um euer Feedback dazu!

Zugangsdaten für den Demo-Account:
Benutzername: Mitglied
Passwort: Admidio

Andreas Christanell
Kassier und Mitgliedsverwaltung

yes, at present raphael is looking at it - admidio …toni

ps:andreas - please check for my account und gib mir bescheid…ich haeng da :slight_smile:

reply from mail…


ciao Anton,

messaggio arrivato


Ciao Flavia

Interessante und sieht aus einfach zur Benutzung

Ich habe die Funktionalitäten von Admidio mit NextCloud vergliechen und mir scheint, dass es verschiedene Überlappungen gibt.

ja, der vergleich ist wohl auszuweiten: nextcloud - snikket - discourse - mastodon - bbb - (upcoming:) admindio …
paolo, siehst du es auch so, dass ueberlappungen am besten ueber eine gemeinsam vereinbarte praxis bei der nutzung der einzelnen tools zu vermeiden sind?

sì, il confronto può probabilmente essere esteso: nextcloud - snikket - discourse - mastodon - bbb - (in arrivo:) admindio …
Paolo, sei d’accordo sul fatto che il modo migliore per evitare sovrapposizioni sia quello di concordare una prassi comune per l’utilizzo dei singoli strumenti?

yes, the comparison can probably be extended: nextcloud - snikket - discourse - mastodon - bbb - (upcoming:) admindio …
paolo, do you agree that the best way to avoid overlaps is to agree on a common practice for the use of the individual tools?


I have the same question as Paolo: what does Admidio offer, that NextCloud, Discourse etc. do not already have?
This question was never answered.

I am not against trying different tools, but it seems like installing Admidio has become the most important thing for the last 6 months or so. This seems to be neither wise nor fair.

now i answer - as BoardMember and not as simple member lugbz - from a very practical point of view …

— the test-installation set-up by raphael month’s ago was tested by @andreas and me and everything worked fine and seemed ready to be put in practice
— the only element missing was the capability to send mails to single or groups of memeber ( a very nice feature, but not essential for internal administration)
— so the months passed by up to now
— now the only detail missing is the mechanism of sssl-cert: once resolved that the question would be settled and member-administration would be much easier in a cooperative way.

So - as boardmember - i really hope in the systeam-meeting tomorrow … that would be great for the overall preparation of the upcoming assembly !!!

looking forward
as “president lugbz” :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

It has a form for new members. Yes, we could perhaps also make a “new member form” through nextcloud.

The Libreoffice Sheet is not very accessible, with a database it is more easy for others to participate, and for the member itself to modify it’s data.

Yes, imho with admidio It Is easier for a small group to cooperate in administration of existing and upcoming members.
This would be the first step… teamwork-learning :slight_smile:

Then, - second step, not immediately - give members opportunities to manager their data by themselves…

Important background work: documentation !