FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


I tried to register and used the same e-mail address and username as in the mailing list. But Discource always says that the username is already taken.

In this case, register with a temporary username (e.g. instead of “MRossi” > “MRossi2” ) so that you can complete the registration. Afterward, please contact the SysTeam https://talk.lugbz.org/about via PM or message and tell us your desired username.

Why can't I log in via LDAP @lugbz.org?

Unfortunately, it is currently not (yet) possible to log in via LDAP. However, we are working hard to find a solution to this problem.

Reset my LDAP Password. I have forgotten my LDAP password

You can reset your LDAP password yourself. This can be done via the LDAP portal. https://ldap.lugbz.org/

How do I get an @lugbz.org address and how does it work?

This way LUGBZ E-Mail Address

I am a member of LUGBZ but I registered without using the link.

That’s no problem at all! Simply open the invitation link in your browser. If you are already logged in with your account, you can assign the rank yourself via the link.