LUGBZ E-Mail Address

:incoming_envelope: LUGBZ E-Mail address

Every LUGBZ member has the possibility to receive a personal e-mail address. With this address you can officially act as a LUGBZ member.

:mailbox: The address

Different from other mailing services, you don’t get access to a personal mailbox - you can use your own. The function is very simple: e-mails that arrive at your corresponding address on our server are automatically forwarded to your stored address. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to remember any login details and you don’t have to check your mailbox regularly for new messages!

:bulb: Forwarding

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to set up automatic forwarding when registering for the organization. So if you are a LUGBZ member and would like your own address, please contact one of the administrators: either via PM or alternatively via e-mail. You can find out who the administrators are and what their e-mail address is on the About page:

:outbox_tray: Send messages

Receiving e-mails is all well and good, but what do I do if I want to reply to them? That’s no problem either! All you need to do is add the LUGBZ SMTP server to your mail client. You can find the instructions here: